Accom Caloundra Terms and Conditions

Henzells Agency Pty Ltd (Accom Caloundra) reserves the right to decline any reservation in its sole discretion

1. A refundable bond is included in the booking tariff.  Photographic identification and the Guest’s Credit Card details are required as additional security against the booking. The Guest hereby authorises the Agent to retain the Bond and Credit Card details until the Agent is satisfied that the Property has been left in a state considered by the Agent to be satisfactory, after the Guest’s Booking has concluded. If, in the absolute discretion of the Agent, the Agent considers that the Property has been damaged or has not been left in a satisfactory state, the Agent may, without reference to the Guest, deduct monies from the bond and/or enter a debit on the Credit Card of the Guest to cover the additional costs. International Bond Refund to accounts may attract an extra fee. Bond refunds are usually processed within 7 business days but in peak periods can take 21 business days to be refunded.  Accom Caloundra will not be held responsible for incorrect account details provided for bond refunds if funds are returned to an incorrect account. If your permanent address is within a 30kms of Henzells Agencyoffice(49 Bulcock St Caloundra) a $1000 bond may apply. This is at Henzells Agency discretion. Evidence of reason for your stay may be required. For example contract of sale, building contract. After hours collection of keys for  “local” bookings is also at the discretion of Henzells Agency.

A guest who stays in one property and has a consecutive booking in another property will not be able to check into the next property until an inspection/clean has been conducted at the original property. Should there be cleaning exceeding the bond, or damage to the original property, the Agency may immediately terminate the consecutive stay without the guest being entitled to a refund of any monies paid and without the guest being able to make any claim whatsoever for such termination.



Bed linen, pillow cases, bath towels and tea towels are provided but beds are not made unless specified. (Note beach towels are not provided)

3. A deposit of 30% of the tariff plus the Booking Fee and any Reseller Fees is required within 48hrs of having made a booking with our Agency. Should full deposit monies not be received by our Agency, by the required date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. A $70.00 (inclusive of GST) booking fee will apply to all bookings. Additional over the phone and Reseller fees may apply.

4.  The Residential Rooming and Accommodation Act 2008 does not apply as the right of occupancy of the premises is given for holiday purposes

5. The agent makes use of Homstar Card Saving feature. The Guest’s card details will be saved and may be charged for certain losses, damage or expenses after their stay. The Agent will specify in detail all the losses or expenses which may be charged.

6. Payments methods available are Direct Deposit, EFTPOS, Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard). Full payment of Rental is required  28 days prior to date of arrival. 

7. All guests who wish to pay monies by Credit Card will incur a non-refundable surcharge of 1.5%. Paying by EFTPOS will NOT incur a fee .

8. The Stay (“the Stay”) commences after 2:00 pm on the Arrival Date (3pm During December and January Periods) and expires before 10:00 am on the Departure Date. Should occupants fail to return the keys to our office by 10am, a charge of 1 full extra night may be deducted from either the credit card details or from the bond as a late key return fee. Guests WILL NOT be entitled to stay this extra night or extend their original booking. The extra night charge will remain as the late key return fee. The cleaner has the right to charge a late checkout fee if the guest has not departed by 10am. Upon arrival, should the Guest find any cleaning or maintenance issues, please contact the Agent immediately. Failure to do this forfeits any future claim.

9. The Property may only be used by the Guest for holiday residential purposes and must not be used for any other purpose such as Wedding Functions. We have a strictly ‘no party’ policy at all of our properties. Failure to strictly comply entitles the Agent to immediately terminate the stay without the Guest being entitled to a refund of any monies paid and without the Guest being able to make any claim whatsoever for such termination.

10. Keys are to be collected during normal office hours or via lock boxes at our office Henzells Agency – 49 Bulcock St Caloundra, and if the Guest or any of the Guest’s Occupants locks himself/herself out after hours, it is the Guest’s responsibility to arrange and pay for a locksmith. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE ONLY OBLIGED TO GIVE OUT 1 SET OF KEYS PER PROPERTY. HOWEVER, WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO ISSUE 2 SETS OF KEYS WHERE POSSIBLE. Whether keys are collected within office hours or after hours, credit card details must be provided before keys can be collected or handed out.  Please note, upon departure, all keys provided at check in must be returned to the office at check out or a cost may occur for re-cutting of the keys or locks to be changed which is decided at owner discretion.

11. All Guests shall comply with Body Corporate By-laws (if applicable). Failure to strictly comply entitles the Agent to immediately terminate the stay without the Guest being entitled to a refund of any monies paid and without the Guest being able to make any claim whatsoever for such termination. All properties are NON SMOKING.

12. All Guests shall not create or permit any noise or nuisance which does or is likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of any other person within the vicinity of the Property. Failure to strictly comply entitles the Agent to immediately terminate the Stay without the Guest being entitled to a refund of any monies paid and without the Guest being able to make any claim whatsoever for such termination. This also includes any illegal activity in the property which can or does also involve police presence.

13. Unless the Property is designated pet-friendly, no animals are to be kept on the Property. Failure to strictly comply entitles the Agent to immediately terminate the stay without the Guest being entitled to a refund of any monies paid and without the Guest being able to make any claim whatsoever for such termination. If it is found that pets are or have been at a property, guests will be charged for all cleaning and maintenance required to be carried out.

14. The Guest must only use the designated parking for the property.

15. The number of Occupants is restricted to the number stated on this form. Failure to comply with this condition entitles the Agent to immediately terminate the stay and forfeit all rental monies paid free from any claim whatsoever by the Guest.

16. To the fullest extent permitted by Law, neither the Agent nor the Owner shall be liable for any injury or death to the Guest, the Occupants or any other person on or in the vicinity of the Property nor for any damage to or loss or destruction of any property of the Guest, the Occupants or any other person on or in the vicinity of the Property and also to the fullest extent permitted by Law, the Guest agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Agent and the Owner (jointly and severally) against any claim or other consequence in any way associated with any such injury, death, damage, loss or destruction.

17. The Guest indemnifies the Agent and the Owner (jointly and severally) against all legal proceedings, costs and expenses for which either the Agent or the Owner may become legally responsible whether during or after the term of the stay arising from or in any way associated with the Guest’s use of the Property. This includes guests being responsible for extra cleaning charges should they arise a result of guest’s stay.

18. If the Property is sold or withdrawn, the Guest’s booking can be cancelled by the Agent giving  notice of cancellation to the Guest. In such a case, the Guest does not have any right to the stay nor any right to take any action against either the Owner or the Agent. After deduction of booking administration and banking fees the Guest will receive a full refund of all monies paid.

19. The description online of the Property as advised by the Agent (whether by telephone, email, or by any other means) is made in good faith. However, the Guest expressly agrees that it has not relied upon any representation by the Agent and the Guest agrees that there shall be no entitlement to any refund if the Property is booked sight unseen and is not up to the Guest’s expectations. The definition of sea or estuary can be seen from the lounge, kitchen or balcony at least. It MAY not be a panoramic view. Caloundra is experiencing phenomenal growth, particularly in the Golden Beach area, which may lead to construction noise. Whether we are notified or not in regards to constructions, new buildings or renovations, Henzells/Accom Caloundra/Owners are not obliged to offer any discounts or refunds. 

20. The Guest acknowledges that the tariff  quoted by the Agent may be increased or the property description as described at time of booking may alter or the owner may remove items from the unit and as such no compensation is applicable. Should the furnishings or fittings alter, wherever possible, we will attempt to contact the guest. If the Agent advises the Guest that there has been an increase in the tariff then within fourteen days of receipt of such advice either party may terminate the booking and in such case any monies paid by the Guest to the Agent will be refunded without any deduction and then neither party will have any claim whatsoever against the other party in relation to the proposed stay. If neither party terminates in accordance with this clause, then the Guest must proceed with the Tenancy at the increased rental. Time is of the essence with respect to the fourteen day period.

21. In these Terms & Conditions “Agent” means Henzells Agency Pty Ltd trading as Henzells Agency, “Owner” means the registered owner/s of the Property or the person/s or company/companies entitled to be the registered owner/s and “Guest” includes any Guest whose name/s appear on the first page. When “Guest” includes more than one person, the obligations of such persons are joint and several.

      22. Standard Cancellation Policy

      If the Guest wishes to cancel or change their booking, the following terms will apply.

· If the Guests gives notice to cancel their booking; less than 30 days notice prior to the arrival date, no refund of any monies paid shall be made. The Owner may (in their discretion) provide a refund if the Property is re-let for the total period of the proposed Tenancy at the same or greater rent. Once arrived its a NIL refund, regardless if you want to chance your dates or depart early.

· more than 30 days prior to the arrival date:

· The Guest will, after deduction of the booking administration and banking fees, receive a full refund of all monies paid of tariff amount and may not include the refund of any packages paid.

· the Guest will pay a booking administration fee to the Agency (minimum of $70.00); and

· If a booking has been paid for by credit card and is cancelled, all bank charges are the responsibility of the Guest.

· This booking is made in good faith and the Agent is not responsible for any actions taken by the Owner.

· The cancellation policy becomes active on any account once monies have been paid.

· Our Agency strongly suggests that you take out independent travel insurance

· Guests making bookings do so at their own risk.

The Agent is contracted by individual property owners to take holiday bookings for their private properties. In doing so, property owners employ this policy as the framework for managing booking cancellations, amendments and refunds.

Requests from guests seeking to cancel, amend bookings or refunds inconsistent with this policy, will be referred by our staff to the property owner/s, who will be the sole decision-makers regarding such requests, and in the event of a dispute, our Standard Cancellation Policy shall apply

23. The marjority of our properties provide Wifi, Henzells Agency, or the owner, will not be held liable for internet speed, quality or faults of internet service from the provider. If the property does it will be stated in the advertising. Please note that any downloading of illegal or copyrighted material and any legal repercussion of that will be the responsibility of the guest and not of the property owner or agent.

24. Rebooking – Henzells/Accom Caloundra will endeavour to rebook you for your requested dates. However, if school holiday dates are changed or owners book the dates themselves and you cannot book your same dates, this is out of our control, and we will not be held responsible – please note when school holiday dates are changed the seasonal prices may change with them. Not all properties offer the 10% rebooking discount ( 7 night min and first week only) – please check with staff. Rebooking is for dates NOT PERIODS and for the same property. Rebooking accommodation cannot be guaranteed. Rebooking discount does not apply in school holiday periods.

25. Breakdown of Equipment-Air Conditioners, electrical appliances, swimming pools are subject to break down and sometimes, delayed repair. Please report any breakdowns as soon as possible to our office. Whilst every effort will be made to repair these items as quickly as possible, no guarantee of their availability or serviceability for the duration of a stay is given. NO Refund of reduction in tariff will be made for non-availability of any of these items for any part of your stay.

26. Promotional Discounts – conditions apply – bookings must be made direct and discount must be applied at time of booking cannot be applied after booking or once money has been paid .